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Blue Skies

All About Us

At Soul Sound Connection, we believe that sound vibration is a powerful tool for healing. Our founder, Molly Rahe-Randall, is a voice empowerment coach, reiki master and sound healer. Her mission is to help clients connect with the divine and use sound vibration to overcome blockages, heal, and empower themselves. Whether you’re struggling with emotional trauma or physical pain, our goal is to use our knowledge and techniques to help you restore balance and harmony to your body and spirit.


About Me.

Molly Rahe-Randall is a Voice Empowerment Coach, Sound Healer, teacher, and musician. She works with people to release trauma, fears, and old belief systems that no longer serve them. Molly believes learning how to let go of the things holding us back makes learning self-love easier. In knowing our most authentic self, we can honor our soul's purpose in this lifetime. 

Music has always been part of Molly's life. She has used music to heal her soul throughout challenging life events. Molly uses the power of sound vibration and how sound resonates in our soul for healing and soul movement.

Molly is a Usui Reiki and Gendai Reiki Master. She has a BM in Music Education from Mansfield University, specializing in voice, violin, and viola. Molly lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband and twin girls. She has been teaching, playing, and singing professionally since 2004. 

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